Backup Systems

Easily Backup water pumps & other AC loads
Whether used to fully “Off Grid” your water system, or simply as protection that allows for water if the grid goes down, WORKHORSE makes it easier than ever to install with all the parts you need. Solar charged GEL battery bank, solar panels and mounting, rugged WORKHORSE charger/inverter, and all the wiring to hook the system up. Designed for 220v and 110v AC loads, and the high startup loads of AC deep and shallow well water pumps.

Required info for sizing…

1. Voltage/horsepower of existing AC Pump (or the wattage of other 110v or 220v AC appliances)
2. Desired Run Time per day

Systems Include..

  • WORKHORSE Inverter/Charger
  • Plug+Wiring for AC or 220v Generator backup (2 feet)
  • 100 Watt Rugged Aluminum
    Framed Solar Panels
  • Solar Wires (50 feet)
  • DC Cut-off Switch
  • Battery Wiring and Jumpers (2 feet)
  • Deep Cycle GEL 12v Batteries 
  • NEMA L14-30 Plug for quick install
  • Breaker/Fuse
  • Detailed Full-Color Installation Manual
  • 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty 
  • Phone / Email / Text Support from Friendly USA based engineers

System Sizes