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Just love the performance. We love this system and the customer does too. Very simple install. Very satisfied with pump and the service. As always we appreciate your help! (W3DC Series).

Randall, Kansas

I’m really happy that I can offer something like this… I have a lot of customers that are interested in this kind of system

Tyler, Texas

This is a really great pump. Moves a lot of water and can build plenty of pressure. (W4C)

Charlie, California 

WORKHORSE the hardest working solar pumps in America

Every Workhorse Solar Pump system is sized for reliable GPM performance all year round. We build solar pumps for lifelong use in mind, so if your needs change in the future you can expand the solar array size for greater water production


We recognize the unique demands of livestock farming and the need for consistent, reliable water sources. Our solar-powered pumps are designed specifically with ranchers and farmers in mind, ensuring that livestock always have access to fresh water without the continuous overhead of traditional power sources.


We provide households with durable solar-powered pumps that harness the sun’s energy. Combining trusted strength with modern green technology, our pumps offer consistent performance while reducing energy costs. It’s a reliable and eco-friendly solution for every home’s water needs.


We offer solar-powered pumps tailored for efficient irrigation. Using the sun’s energy, farmers can keep their fields watered without the high costs of traditional electricity. It’s a reliable and eco-friendly way to ensure crops thrive, season after season.

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