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Solar Pump kits

Solar Pumps

Submersible Pumps directly powered by Solar Array

Helical Pump Kits
200 watt Solar Array –
up to 164ft of head at 5.8GPM
400 watt Solar Array –
up to 262ft of head at 7.9GPM
800 watt Solar Array –
up to 328ft of head at 9.2GPM

High Volume
Centrifugal Pumps

400V+ up to 14GPM
800V+ up to 16GPM

Solar+AC Pump kits

Solar + AC Pumps

Submersible Pumps with option of Solar operation, 110V/220V AC or automatic switching between

W10-350 Deep Pump
W25-100 High Volume Pump
For use with 800w – 2000w Solar Array or AC Backup. Up to 400ft of head with DEEP series and up to 70GPM with VOLUME series.

Backup Systems

WaterSecure Solar+AC+Battery

Run any existing 220V Single Phase Pump up to 2HP with solar charged battery bank

For use with 200w – 1200w Solar Array or AC Backup.
Larger arrays allow more battery charging during the day for increased pump time at night. Operate Any 110v Pump with Step Down Transformer